Latest version: 2.1.0

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Binary Distribution

NDPMon is available in Debian, Ubuntu and  FreeBSD official repositories.

Other binary packages may be available on the SourceForge download page.

From the source

We will present the installation of NDPMon v2.0 with all non-experimental plugins enabled. This procedure has been written for Debian (or Ubuntu).

For installation on Fedora 17, detailed steps can be found here (thanks to Polkan García).

First, get the latest version of NDPMon or use the SVN version.

Install the dependencies

  1. apt-get install build-essential libpcap-dev libssl-dev libtool autoconf automake autotools-dev libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev bsd-mailx wireshark

Configure the build

Go in the directory holding the sources and generate configure script

  1. autoreconf -vi

Run the generated scrip

  1. ./configure --prefix=/usr/local                            # Installation prefix
  2.             --with-var-datadir=/var/local/lib              # Variable data goes here
  3.             --with-confdir=/usr/local/etc                  # Configuration files go here
  4.             --enable-mac-resolv                            # MAC Vendor Resolution enabled
  5.             --enable-webinterface --with-webdir=/var/www   # WEB Interface enabled
  6.             --enable-syslogfilter                          # Filter syslog messages
  7.             --enable-countermeasures                       # Countermeasures enabled

By default, ndpmon uses libpcap to capture the packets, which is the recommended one. However, you can use libnetfilter-queue as well by adding the following parameters to the configure script.

  1. ./configure [...]
  2.             --enable-lnfq --with-lnfq=PATH/TO/LIBNFQ       # Use libnetfilter-queue instead of libpcap

The support of libnetfilter-queue has been added to permit in the future to extend NDPMon and have it work as a dynamic distributed NDP Firewall.

It requires the installation of the libnetfilter-queue-dev package. All required configuration will be performed automatically at installation to redirect packets to the ndpmon daemon.

Build and install

  1. make && make install

NDPMon can be uninstalled with the following command, leaving the caches and configuration files

  1. make uninstall

To remove all the data as well, use the purge target

  1. make purge

Source code documentation

Parts of the code are documented with Doxygen. To build it, use the following commands

  1. # Main documentation
  2. cd doc
  3. doxygen ndpmon.dox
  5. # Source and core documentation
  6. cd ../src
  7. doxygen ndpmon.dox
  8. cd core
  9. doxygen core.dox
  11. # Plugins documentation
  12. cd ../plugins/countermeasures/
  13. doxygen countermeasures.dox
  14. doxygen icmp_lib.dox
  15. cd ../rules/
  16. doxygen rules.dox