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The Neighbor Discovery Protocol Monitor (NDPMon) is a diagnostic software application used by Internet Protocol version 6 network administrators for monitoring ICMPv6 packets. NDPMon observes the local network for anomalies in the function of nodes using Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) messages, especially during the Stateless Address Autoconfiguration. When an NDP message is flagged, it notifies the administrator by writing to the syslog or by sending an email report. It may also execute a user-defined script. For IPv6, NDPMon is an equivalent of Arpwatch for IPv4, and has similar basic features with added attacks detection.

NDPMon runs on Linux distributions (available in Debian repositories and in Ubuntu 12.10 and later), Mac OS X, FreeBSD (available as port), NetBSD and OpenBSD. It uses a configuration file containing the expected and valid behavior for nodes and routers on the link. This includes the routers addresses (MAC and IP) and the prefixes, flags and parameters announced.

NDPMon also maintains up-to-date a list of neighbors on the link and watches all advertisements and changes. It permits to track the usage of cryptographically generated interface identifiers or temporary global addresses when Privacy extensions are enabled (default behavior in Ubuntu and Windows for example), or Cryptographically Generated Addresses are in use.

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