Latest version: 2.1.0

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WEB Interface

By using XSLT on the various XML caches and the configuration file, HTML pages are generated to display the alerts and neighbors in realtime.


To build it, make sure to install libxslt1-dev and libxslt1.1, a web server (e.g. Apache2) and activate the XSLT module (if required by the WEB server you will use).

  1. apt-get install libxslt1-dev libxslt1.1 apache2

Enable the plugin in the configure script and specify the path to the web server root (e.g. /var/www)

  1. ./configure --enable-webinterface --with-webdir=/var/www

Installation and configuration

At installation, all files will be copied to /var/www/ndpmon and a link will be created from the configuration file to that directory.

The WEB interface will be available at http://localhost/ndpmon/. No security nor access control are set, we let that in the hands of the administrator.



Alerts are displayed in realtime.

Alerts are displayed with color codes:

  • green for information i.e. new* alerts
  • orange for warning e.g. unknown MAC vendor
  • red for attacks e.g. wrong router


Neighbors are updated each time the cache is written by the daemon.

IPv6 global addresses timestamps (first time and last time it has been seen) are displayed as well allowing tracking of temporary addresses use.


Configuration is displayed in a table. Important and possible secret information are kept hidden.